the next step

I just realized it's been a whole MONTH since I've last posted! I totally apologize! Life's been pretty busy with spring cleaning (yes, I'm a tad late on that), family visiting, work, trying to enjoy the sun when I can, lamenting the 30 days of rain, etc.

This past weekend in particular was quite hectic. I worked Friday night and Saturday brunch service. Then I headed on a bus down to New York City where I managed to pack Pinkberry, family, dancing, Chinatown, and shopping in 18 hours!

It was a really awesome weekend but the highlight of my trip and the reason I went to New York in the first place was attending an open house for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. IIN is a school that teaches you many different food modalities, basically different food philosophies or diets, and how to counsel people with that knowledge. In the end, you are certified to be a holistic health counselor by the school and the AADP, American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I've been looking at and thinking about the school for almost a year now. I read the book, Integrative Nutrition, written by the founder of the school, Joshua Rosenthal in the Fall and it really resonated with me. The basis of Joshua's food and health philosophy is bioindividuality-that every person is different and there is no "one size fits all" diet for everyone. By learning many different food modalities, you can understand each and apply the appropriate one(s) to fit an individual's biological make-up and lifestyle.

The program is a series of classes that you attend on the weekends for a 6 month period. Classes are held in Lincoln Center and features different speakers each day including leaders of the industry like Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, and T. Colin Campbell. (Paul Pitchford spoke at the Open House-look for my thoughts in my next post!) Although I’ve been looking at the school for a while now and could have applied for the 2009 series, finances and doubt, internal and external, stopped me. But with some big picture/life things going on lately and a shift in my mindset, I am totally ready to take this leap

So, I have tentatively enrolled and once I speak to an admissions counselor next week, I will be set to go! I'll be sure to keep you updated on everything I learn as I’ll have access to their online information and forums once I enroll.

until next time,
no regrets


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